Beyond My Medical Training

In this discussion group, titled “Scientific research to enhance your medical career credentials: a testimonial from a postdoctoral research fellow”, we had as invited speakers Dr. Marcos Sánchez-González, Vice-President of Research and Academic Affairs at Larkin Community Hospital, and Dr. Bishoy Goubran, Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Sánchez-González. Dr. Goubran shared with faculty, including the Provost at Larkin University Dr. Celilia Rokusek, and students of the College of Biomedical Sciencesat Larkin University a talk about the “Autonomic dysfunction and Schizophrenia: a Psychocardiological Insight”. Dr. Goubran’s talk provided a real-life example of how medical and scientific training can enhance medical and biomedical careers. Dr. Sánchez-González also shared with students the importance of complimenting medical and biomedical training with different skill sets besides the course-related knowledge. Dr. Sánchez-González clinical team was also present, and they shared with students their medical career testimonials including why they are seeking to integrate scientific training into their expertise.