First Discussion Group

A) Students, speakers, and Larkin University Provost during our first Discussion Group. Dr. Rivera-Mariani with our speakers Dr. Bishoy Goubran and Dr. Sánchez-González; B) Dr. Goubran during his talk about the link between Schizophrenia and cardiovascular physiology; C) from left to right, Dr. Rivera-Mariani (Principal Investigator of RIPL_Effect Research Team, Dr. Cecilia Rokusek (Provost of Larkin University), Dr. Bishoy Goubran (postdoctoral research fellow mentored by Dr. Sánchez-González), and our second speaker Dr. Marcos Sánchez-González (Vice-President of Research and Academic Affairs at Larkin Community Hospital); D) Dr. Sánchez-González’s research team at Larkin Community Hospital.