As evidence of our efforts to contribute to the Open Science movement, the RIPLRT submitted two manuscripts (see below) into the Open Access platform F1000Research. These manuscripts employed data science approaches into publicly-available datasets to address topics relted to a) asthma and forest firest and b) the mixed effects of demographics and food allergies as risk for asthma.

1) Hayat Srour, Ruslan Fomenko, Joshua Baguley, Shandra Bellinger, Angel Jordan, Jennifer Sutton, Melany Santana, Armando Marull, Musheer Abdalhuk, Félix E. Rivera-Mariani. Pilot Study of Public-Available Data to Evaluate the Relationship between Forest Fires and Emergency Department Visits due to asthma in the State of California. (click here for the article)

2) Musheer Abdalhuk, Angel Jordan, Roghan Wagimin, Charles Stamitoles, Shandra Bellinger, Joshua Baguley, Hayat Srour, Ruslan Fomennko, Jennifer Sutton, Melany Santana, Armando Marull, Félix E. Rivera-Mariani. Evaluating the Associations of Race, Ethnicity, and Food Allergens in the Development of Childhood Asthma: Re-Analysis of Publicly Available Retrospective Cross-Sectional Cohort. (click here for the article).


  • In the study “Pilot Study of Public-Available Data…“, Hayat Srour, Ruslan Fomenko, and Joshua Baguleycontributed equally to the manuscript.
  • In the study “Evaluation the Associations…“, Musheer Abdalhuk and Angel Jordan contributed equally to the manuscript.