In our efforts to contribute to the Open Science movement, and to facilitate access to information and resources among the RIPLRT team members (including prospective ones), the RIPLRT has launched a Wiki Page.

RIPL_Effect Research Team

Among the contents of the RIPLRT Wiki page are the following:

  • Lab Orientation: everyone joining @RIPLRT must go through lab orientation
  • Lab Management: house-keeping approaches for @RIPLRT daily activities
  • Experiments: guides on how to properly design, carry out, and document experiments with @RIPLRT
  • Forms: lab manual and other important forms related to @RIPLRT
  • In the Cloud: databases employed by @RIPLRT
  • Open Science: @RIPLRT supports the the Open Science movement!
  • Resources: learning, scientific, and computational resources used by @RIPLRT

We would like to thank the Alylab(1) for sharing in a recent issue of Nature News & Comments the benefits of having a wiki page as well as elaborating a manual.

(1) Aly, M., ruiz, nicholas, Jayakumar, M., & Tarder-Stoll, H. (2018, September 19). Aly Lab. Retrieved from