The RIPLRT (aka the Respiratory and Immunology Project at Larkin University Research Team ) has not forgotten about the devastation that the category four hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico and the many health effects repercussions among as result of this atmospheric phenomenon. The RIPLRT, similarly to the Puerto Rican Diáspora, has been involved with the PR’s cause as it relates to the recoveries in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. As you recall back in March 2018, we are collaborating in a project with the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Texas – Austin to address the respiratory health of Puerto Ricans once they returned and repaired their damaged houses affected by the hurricane wind or the resulting flooding. We are still working, in full force, in this project! Findings from this project will be valuable in fostering policy changes in recovery efforts related to similar atmospheric events.

The RIPLRT is with PR!