Josh Baguley, a recent graduate of the M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University, former Co-Leader and currently a Research Assistant in the RIPL_Effect Research Team, was recently offered a position to showcase his scientific knowledge in the Genomic Medicine Department in the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas. Josh has been one of the key members of the RIPLRT since the beginings of our research team. When we established the RIPLRT (back then the RIPL_Effect Research Group), Josh was voted by his peers to be one of the Co-leaders of the reserach group and has delivered and lived up to his expected duties. Josh’s contribution to the proposal of the recently NIH-funded project addressing the respiratory health of Puerto Rican in the aftermath of hurricane Maria was fundamental. His ability to learn new skills, similarly to his leadership, is admirable. Not less important is his ability to contribute ideas to launch scientific projects, which is further complemented with his writing skills.

As stated in our mission, besides contributing knowledge to foment better health among the population, we seek to mentor the future minds of our healthcare and scientific workforce.

News like these ones bring joy to the RIPLRT

Cheers to Josh!!!

P.S. He will continue to be affiliated with the RIPLRT!!!