Our mentor and principal investigator, Dr. Rivera-Mariani, is somewhat of a particular guy. He is former student-athlete in division I NCAA athletics, has handyman skills, plenty of web-development and computational knowledge. Let’s add that he continues to follow sports and praciting sports (when time allows), including xtreme sports – like jumping from a plane at 14,000 and freefalling at 120 mph – Yes, he went skydiving (see below)!

This past weekend (Sept 30th), Dr. Rivera-Mariani and Mrs. Martínez-Rivera (who also went skydiving) were celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary. Among the surprises organized by Mrs. Martínez-Rivera (Dr. Rivera-Mariani organized some surprises as well!!!) was to take Dr. Rivera-Mariani skydiving to the Skydive Spaceland facility in Clewiston, FL. According to our sources, they plan to jump again in the near future!

Riveras' Skydiving

What a crazy couple jaja!!!