During this past week (January 24th and 26th, 2019), the UPR-PRISE (University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus’s Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) invited our principal investigator and mentor Dr. Félix E. Rivera-Mariani to share some scientific and career thoughts with the students of the program.

On Januarty 24th, 2019, Dr. Rivera-Mariani presented a seminar addressing how data analytics can be implemented into different aspects of Biomedical Scientific Research, as well as in Biomedical Sciences coursework (see the below). In this seminar, Dr. Rivera-Mariani shared with the audience how data analytics can bring-to-life findings that may not be able to be identified if data is not thoroughly analyzed beyond the laboratory setting.

Data Analytics Seminar Flyer Flyer of the Data Analytics seminar

Dr. Rivera-Mariani during the seminar Photo by UPR-PRISE

In a follow up to the seminar shown above, on Januarty 26th, 2019 Dr. Rivera-Mariani administered a hands-on workshop to introduce students in the epicycles of data analytics and programming approaches to carry out data analytics (see below). Among the learning goals of the workshop included being concious about the different stages within data analytics and how the epicycle within each stage work, depends on previous cycles, and prepare the stage for the following data analytic stages.

Beyond My Medical Training Flyer of tha Data Analytics workshop

We are grateful of the UPR-PRISE program administrative team, including Dr. Edu Suárez-Martínez (the program director, whom collaborates with Dr. Rivera-Mariani), Wendy Pacheco (program coordinator), Geraline Trossi Torres (research coordinator), and Edward Garcia Febles (program webmaster). Without the effort of these dedicated colleagues, the seminar nor the workshop would not have been possible. Also, we would like to thank the students in the UPR-PRISE program for being receptive to our thoughts – Dr. Rivera-Mariani witnessed prospective scientists-in-the-making! We would also like to thank Dr. Abigail Ruiz and Dr. Fernando Piñero for sharing their thoughts for prospective collaborations in the near future.

With the UPR-PRISE program

Cheers for the UPR-PRISE program!