In line with recent blogs Ruslan Fomenko, and Shandra Bellinger about mentoring, the RIPLRT’s hands will be fully engaged in mentoring this summer with three interns.

Lorraine Torres-Vélez Lorraine Vélez-Torres, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Microbiology, School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus

Naziba Nuha Naziba Nuha, undergraduate student (sophmore) enrolled in the B.S. in Biology and Mathematics with minor in Chemistry at Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Naziba Nuha Tanha Rahman, undergradaute student (junior) enrolled in B.S. in Business Management and Biology (pre-med tract) at Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Lorraine, mentored by Dr. Benjamin Bolaños-Rosero (former PhD thesis mentor of Dr. Rivera-Mariani), is a 3rd-year graduate student looking forward to learning the human-based immunological approaches that the RIPLRT implements in environmental health studies. She also seeks training in the experimental design and planning, as well as the project planning and management the RIPLRT deploys in studies addressing the respiratory health effects from human exposure to air pollution.

Naziba, who this term completed her first year as undergraduate student at NSU, seeks to immerse herself in the different aspects of scientific research. Interestingly, Naziba learned about the RIPLRT from her scribe co-worker Hayat Srour, who is our lab manager at the RIPLRT. Tanha, who learned about the RIPLRT through Naziba, completed her sophmore year at NSU. She is looking forward to expand her previous research experiences, and is really interested in the public health effort we are currently invovled with, such as the collaboration to address the respiratory health of Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

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