Sukeina Nasser, 2nd year pharmacy students at Larkin University, joins the Respiratory and Immunology Project and Laboratory. Sukie, as we call her, similar to Dr. Felix E. Rivera Mariani, has Puerto Rican heritage – her mom is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Although Sukie’s mom moved to the US to study University of Michigan (English and Biochemistry), all her mom family still live in Puerto Rico. Also, her family in Puerto Rico experienced 1st hand the effects of Hurricane Maria. Therefore, Sukie greatly values the environmental health work the RIPLRT is doing with the Universities of Puerto Rico and Texas.

RIPLRT Research Team

Based on Dr. Rivera-Mariani’s frequent chats’ with Sukie, her Puerto Rican heritage flows through her veins – she likes mofongo and trifongo (not surprising she sent me the mofongo picture), and concurs with Dr. Felix E. Rivera Mariani that there is nothing like the Puerto Rican christmas season! More importantly, she is strongly considering moving to Puerto Rico when she graduates to work as a pharmacist!

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