In parallel with its mentoring mission, the RIPLRT is expanding! Five students from the Colleg of Biomedical Sciences of Larkin University, joined this week the RIPLRT. After completing all the steps prior to joining the team, which included responses to survey questions, interviews with the PI (Dr. Rivera-Mariani) and current members of the team, and being academically-cleared by the Dean of the college, the following students joined the RIPRT (clik on the link to more about them):

Having Adria, Nicole, Kylie, Shana, and Donna joining the team comes in a timeline manner as the RIPLRT is current involved in two federally-funded research projects: one from the National Institute of Environmenal Helath Sciences and another from the US Department of Housing and Urban Developmemnt. In the former, the RIPLRT is collaborating with researchers from the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus and University of Puerot Rico - Medical Sciences Campus (the alma mater of Dr. Rivera-Mariani), and the University of Texas - Austin (UT-Austin) to address the respiratory health of Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. In the latter, the RIPLRT is collaborating with researchers from UT-Austin to investigate the health effects of multi-pollutant indoor exposures among children with asthma in urban areas of Austin, Texas. Also, the RIPLRT is expecting the response from a recent pilot proposal submitted to the National Hearth, Lung, and Blood Institute to deploy genome-wide expigenetics to identify genes modified from indoor exposures among Puerto Ricans living in the South Florida regions. If funded, this project will launch in mid November 2019.

Cheers to the new members of the RIPLRT!!!