Integrating Biomedical Sciences into Environmental Health Studies

The RIPLRT would like to thank the Researcn Initiation for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program at the University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus for inviting our PI, Dr. Rivera-Mariani, to give a talk to the students of the RISE Program on how to integrate Biomedical Sciences into Environmental Health... [Read More]

My Research Experience at RIPLRT

1-Week of Rewarding Lessons

By Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres In this Q&A-type blog, Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres reflects on her experience as a summer intern in our research lab (The RIPLRT: Respiratory and Immunology Project and Laboratory Research Team), the skills she learned and her new proposed goals that resulted from this internship. How has the... [Read More]

Indoor Mold 101

How to Prevent and Control Mold Growth in your Home

By Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres Mold is a type of fungi that can be found almost everywhere. Their role in the environment is to decompose organic material such as animal and plant matter. Molds reproduce through microscopic units known as spores. Spores travel through the air and are resistant to dry... [Read More]