RIPLRT and Hurricane Maria!

RIPLRT is the PI of a Sub-Award within an NIH R21!

In collaboration with colleagues of the University of Puerto Rico (Dr. Humberto Cavallin [Principal Investigator] and Dr. Benjamín Bolaños [collaborator]), the University of Texas - Austin (Dr. Kerry Kinney [Co-Principal Investigator], Dr. Juan P. Maestre [collaborator], and Dr. Dennis Wylei [collaborator]), and the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico (Dr. Filipa... [Read More]

The Epicycles of Big Data Analytics!

Approaches for Analyzing Big Data!

Dr. Rivera-Mariani, Principal Investigator of the RIPL_Effect Research Team, gave a talk about Big Data Analytics and the different epicycles and workflows that go into play when carrying out data analysis. Among the attendees were Dr. Marcos Sánchez-González (Vice President of Research at Larkin Community Hospital) and his research group,... [Read More]