Summer interns in the RIPLRT

Summer interns from the University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus and Nova Southeastern University join the RIPLRT

In line with recent blogs Ruslan Fomenko, and Shandra Bellinger about mentoring, the RIPLRT’s hands will be fully engaged in mentoring this summer with three interns. Lorraine Vélez-Torres, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Microbiology, School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus Naziba Nuha, undergraduate student... [Read More]

What is Roseala or the Sixth Disease?

Roseola Crash Course

By Ariel Stateman Roseola also known as the sixth disease, roseola infantum, and exanthema subitum, is a very common viral infection. The infection is caused by two strains of herpes virus; human herpes virus 6 (which is more common) as well as human herpes virus 7. The greatest population at... [Read More]


Types of Mentors and how to cultivate a great relationship

By Shandra Bellinger As you read in Ruslan’s post “Mentors-the unsung heroes,” the benefits of having a mentor are limitless. They’re able to exposure you to new opportunities, help you network, hold you accountable, support you and be your cheerleader, and act as your advisor. According to Anthony Tjan, there... [Read More]