Diversity is Our Strong Suit

How diversity made RIPL_Effect Research Team and science stronger!

By Hayat Srour Source: https://lf4he.blog/2018/01/18/diversity-are-universities-sincerely-up-for-change/ This week’s blog is meant to shine light on the importance of diversity in the workplace. What I have appreciated in the RIPL (a.k.a. Respiratory and Immunology Project at Larkin) group is our diversity in knowledge and upbringing, which is why chose to reflect on... [Read More]

What's Living in Your Carpet?

Every sneeze has a cause!

By Bhavik Patel Even though Halloween is still many months away, this may be enough to send a chill down our spines. There are many ways we can get allergic reactions. They may come from food, insect stings, medications, pollen, mold, animal dander, or even the carpet. Having carpet in... [Read More]