The RIPLRT in MD Anderson Cancer Center

We are proud of Josh Baguley's new job!

Josh Baguley, a recent graduate of the M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University, former Co-Leader and currently a Research Assistant in the RIPL_Effect Research Team, was recently offered a position to showcase his scientific knowledge in the Genomic Medicine Department in the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston,... [Read More]

RIPLRT and hurricane Maria, one year from the day!

The RIPLRT is in full gear in a collaborative project related to hurricane Maria

The RIPLRT (aka the Respiratory and Immunology Project at Larkin University Research Team ) has not forgotten about the devastation that the category four hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico and the many health effects repercussions among as result of this atmospheric phenomenon. The RIPLRT, similarly to the Puerto Rican... [Read More]

RIPLRT Launched a Wiki Page

Lab information and resources in one place!

In our efforts to contribute to the Open Science movement, and to facilitate access to information and resources among the RIPLRT team members (including prospective ones), the RIPLRT has launched a Wiki Page. Among the contents of the RIPLRT Wiki page are the following: Lab Orientation: everyone joining @RIPLRT must... [Read More]

Ovarian Steroids and Neurodegenerative Diseases

ovarian steriods and their relationship with development of neurodegenerative diseases

Jennifer Sutton, Community Leader of the RIPL_Effect research team, from the state of Florida, and aspiring physician with plenty of volunteering experience with the community, shared her Journal Club talk on the ovarian steriods and their relationship with development of neurodegenerative diseases. The article Jennifer presented discussed was published by... [Read More]