The RIPLRT is grateful for our donors. Find the list of donors that have supported our research, mentoring, and educational endeavor’s!

We are grateful for the donations made by:

  • Aixa Rivera Ortiz, Charles Rogers, Chastoni Jones, Curtis Marshall, Dr. Dominique Spigner
  • Edwin Cochran Colón, Elizabeth Romaniuk, Erika Frazier, George de Jesús Díaz, Gina Martínez-Rivera, Jorge Santana
  • José (Joito) Berrios Baerga, Josselyn Rosario, Juan (Juanchy) Ortiz, Julio Rivera, Kierra Wilkerson, Lisa Lowder
  • Luis Rivera Mariani, Marison Santana, Dr. Marti Echols, Mildred Mariani, Shavontrola Rodríguez, Violeta Mariani Guevara

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