We, the RIPL_Effect Research Team are more than grateful for our donors. Find the list of donors that have supported our research, mentoring, and educational endeavor’s!

We are grateful for the donations made by:

  • Aixa Rivera Ortiz, Charles Rogers, Chastoni Jones, Curtis Marshall, Dr. Dominique Spigner
  • Edwin Cochran Colón, Elizabeth Romaniuk, Erika Frazier, George de Jesús Díaz, Gina Martínez-Rivera, Jorge Santana
  • José (Joito) Berrios Baerga, Josselyn Rosario, Juan (Juanchy) Ortiz, Julio Rivera, Kierra Wilkerson, Lisa Lowder
  • Luis Rivera Mariani, Marison Santana, Mildred Mariani, Shavontrola Rodríguez, Violeta Mariani Guevara

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