We are the RIPL_Effect Research Team (@RIPLRT), which stands for Respiratory and Immunology Project at Larkin University, within the College of Biomedical Sciences.

In the RIPL_Effect Research Team, in addition to addressing the respiratory health of the population through immunological, exposure science, and computational approaches, we value inclusiveness, diversity, integrity, productivity, innovation, excellence, collaboration, and leadership.

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RIPL_Effect Research Team Members

RIPL_Effect Research Team

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Recent News @RIPLRT!!!

New RIPLRT recruited @ a Recent Conference

Summer Pellecio, recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY), was recently recruited after networking with Dr. Rivera-Mariani during the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Indianapolis, Indiana (November 14-17, 2018).

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Recent research grant for the RIPLRT!

Together with scientists from the University of Texas-Austin, Dr. Rivera-Mariani and the RIPLRT will be collaborating in a project recently funded by the US Housing and Urban Development (under the Lead and Healthy Homes Technical Studies Grant Program) to identify relationships between biological and non-biological indoor contaminants and children’s respiratory health.

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Our Funding Campaign!

Support our mission: to address the respiratory health of the population when exposed to air pollution, and to mentor the future generations of scientists and healthcare workforce.

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