Our Vision

To provide further insight into the immuno-physiological health effects that airborne pollutants of different chemical origins induce once they cross the human respiratory barrier among susceptible individuals such as people suffering from asthma, respiratory allergies, and other chronic respiratory conditions). We also seek to foster an environment that leads to enrichment in the professional, personal, and academic aspects of the RIPLRT members and interns.

Our Mission

We seek to address our scientific questions by integrating human-based immuno-physiological approaches, molecular biology, and computational biology. Also, we will identify opportunities to collaborate, employ and enhance our expertise in respiratory health, immunology, and data analytics. Lastly, implementing our Core Values, for example inclusiveness, inclusiveness, diversity, and integrity will be essential in following upon our Vision and Mission.

The Respiratory and Immunology Project and Laboratory Research Team (RIPLRT) also serves as a venue for the core of the team, our researchers (current and former graduate students), to carry out high-quality scientific research and serve as examples of:

  • Inclusiveness (everyone’s voice counts)
  • Multi-disciplinary focus (integrate different disciplines into our research goals)
  • Diversity (value and respect differences in perspectives and opinions)
  • Integrity (follow strict institutional, scientific, and ethical guidelines)
  • Productivity (input our highest efforts to reach our goals)
  • Innovation (remain open-minded, and learn from both successes and failures)
  • Excellence (target the highest quality of scientific research)
  • Collaboration (what is done in isolation is often accomplished better in partnership)
  • Leadership (nourish from a culture of intra and inter-motivation and inspiration)

Also refer to our mentoring to know more about the different learning opportunities with the RIPLRT.

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